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March 2015

If You Can Dream It. You Can Do It

-Walt Disney-

    3 March 2015


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Lizana Foodie Pie PĆ¢tisserie

Good Deal February 2015

1. Strawberry Ganache Pie 16cm +
Quiche Lorraine 16cm
(#kirimanpacar #darling #sweetie #honey #gebetan #kirimankolega #saythankyou #family #dosen #getwellsoon #congratulations #graduation)
120k IDR

2. Red Velvet Cheesecake 20cm + Classic Baked Apple Pie 16cm
(GOOD DEAL !! #celebrate #birthday #giveaway #hantaran)
210k IDR

3. 4pcs Single Portion Quiche 
4pcs Single Portion Vanilla Fruit
8pcs Raisin Scones
 (#hi-tea #sore #kumpulramerame #ngeteh #ngopi #cantik #minigathering #buatbekelperjalanan #oleholeh #giveaway)

4. Salmon en Croute 1 whole
Vanilla Fruit Pie 24cm
(#kumpulkeluarga #family #minigathering #makanramerame #doyanmakansalmon #celebrate #birthday #dinner #abisjemputdariairport #lumayankenyang)

Classic Baked Apple Pie
16' : 65k

 Strawberry Ganache Pie
24' : 150k

Cookies & Milk
2 tube chocolate coin cookies
1 litre fresh milk

Raisin Scones

4pcs : 70k
8pcs : 120k

Single Portion Vanille Pie aux fruits
 4pcs 10' : 80k

Single Portion Quiche

2pcs 10' Quiche Lorraine
2pcs 10' Smoked Beef Mushroom Quiche

Kitkat M&M Cake

20' : 300k

  Classic Baked Apple Pie

10' 4pcs : 80k

Peach Pie
  16' : 75k

Blueberry Apple Pie

16' : 65k

Strawberry Ganache Pie
16' : 65k

 Chocolate Macaroon Pie
20' : 170k

Baileys Pie 20' : 160k

 Strawberry Cheesecake

20' : 200k 
Fresh Blueberry Pie
16' : 90k

 Red Velvet Cheesecake

20' : 200k

Superior SGP

16' : 95k

Quiche Lorraine
20' : 95k

Fresh Blueberry Cheesecake

20' : 240k

Kitkat Fraises FraƮches
 20' : 300k

Salmon en Croute
 1 whole : 200k

 Red Velvet Cheesecake

20' : 250k

Strawberry Cheese Pie
 16' : 80k

Caramel Crunchy Apple Pie

16' : 60k

Frozen Oreo Cheesecake
20' : 190k Vanilla Fruit Pie  24' : 185k

Foret Noir
 20' : 200k 

"Frozen Chocolate Cheesecake
 20' : 190k

20' : 200k

Blueberry Cheesecake

20' :190k

Lizana Foodie Cheesecake #LFCC

20' : 200k

Chocolate  Pie

20' : 95k

Green Tea Matcha Pie
20' : 150k

Strawberry Lattice Apple Pie
20' : 95k

"Frozen" Green Tea Cheesecake
20' : 190k  
Sacher Torte - 1832
Invented by Austrian Mr. Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna, Austria

LFPP make this cake to tribute Mr. Franz Sacher

The original was 2 layers
A little different from LFPP, 3 layers of chocolate cake, spread with apricot jam filling, and coated in dark chocolate icing on the top and sides
We want to keep originality from Mr. Franz Sacher, APRICOT JAM inside not chocolate or etc

20' : 200k

Le Fraisier"Layer of vanilla sponge, velvety vanilla mousse, strawberry sauce and fresh strawberries, decorated with fresh strawberries"
20' : 200k

Strawberry Cheesecake

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FAQ - Favourite Ask Question


+ Who we are? Your signature baked?
Lizana Foodie Pie - Patisserie
Classic baked apple pie

+ Delivery service is available?
Sure available
"We just focus on baking while through many customers request to delivery so you can contact them, they will help you
Prices are determined by courier line. So there's no manipulation price from us
Feel free to contact them"
Food Taxi
Food Taxi layanan antar semua bisa
021- 500-165 / Pin BBM : 74E0-8241

021-97800-897 / Pin BBM : 21CF-5590 27799972


Wheel Line

021-9575-7767 / PIN BBM : 2A88-EDEE

+ Lizana Foodie Physic shop / online?
Online, home made production

+ How to place order?
Place your order in 3-4 days / 1 week in advance
"Respect the baker, Respect the buyer"
If we're full / unavailable we suggest to change the date

+ Do you have ready stock pie?
Absolutely NO, we care and focus on freshness

+ Payment ?
Cash / Transfer Bank

+ Pick up on location is it possible?

+ Is it halal ?
Yes Halal, but if product contain alcohol i'll inform you for sure

+ Does the product use preservatives ?
Strongly Agree 100% NO

+ Slow Response?
Sorry maybe while we baking, mise en place, finishing in same time you contact us

+ Possible to call ?
Prefer text your message / BBM

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